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The floral poinsettia has been used for many purposes from ancient medical salves to cherished dyes. The long standing tradition and utility of this valued floral is the inspiration of the Poinsettia Block Twin Quilt. Red poinsettias are set in khaki blocks, peek out from the inside of green leaves, and then are finished with a plaid and green binding on the border. 100% cotton, hand quilted, reverses to solid khaki.

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PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: with over two decades experience crafting goods for American homes, our items are built to last for years to come.
HOLIDAY DECOR: festive style to add cheer to any home this year.
QUALITY MATERIAL: made with durable 100% cotton shell for a proper look and feel.
Stitch in the ditch and echo hand-quilting on festive red, green, and tan plaid and solid fabrics
Stenciled red and green poinsettia motifs in each block accented by deep green sashing
Straight edge with .5" deep green plaid binding on the bias
Reverses to solid khaki cotton fabric
Patchwork: Hand-quilted, Machine pieced

Material: 100% Cotton, Cotton Batting
Colors: Khaki, Poinsettia Red, Deep Green
Quilting Stitch: Stitch in the Ditch, Echo
Manufacturer Country: India
Care: Machine Wash, Line Dry, Iron safe

Sizes Available
Weight: 5.2 lb
Dimensions: 95" long x 105" wide
Weight: 4.6 lb
Dimensions: 90" long x 90" wide
Weight: 3.7 lb
Dimensions: 86" long x 68" wide



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